Editing dialogue lists

We specialize in precise and quick preparation of TIME CODES for dialogue lists. We have valuable experience with TCs done for more than 3000 dialogue lists. We work on films and dialogue lists in various language combinations. If dialogue list is correct, our attainable productivity can be estimated at around 100 films weekly.

As part of editing dialogue list, we prepare:

  • Translations of dialogue lists.

  • Corrections of dialogue lists.

  • Editing dialogue lists.

  • Programming time codes for dialogue lists.

TC - Time Code

Preparation (programming) of TIME CODES for dialogue lists is a process of adding time units to dialogue lists correctly prepared during translation. Time units define the exact place and length of each subtitle. Precise placement of subtitles is the key factor, which influences comfort of watching and understanding of a film. Proper placement of subtitles is determined by two factors:

  • Translation (correct distribution and length)

  • Correct and precise preparation of TIME CODE added to the list.