DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

We offer complete service of DCP format, which ensures high quality picture, surround sound and ability to play in 2D or 3D. All these features make DCP the most up-to-date and the fastest evolving cinema format.


  • Convert any video and audio material to DCP, 2D and 3D.

  • Convert DCP to any 2D or 3D (when dealing with DCP 3D) video format.

  • Convert both coded and decoded DCP (with DKDM key).

  • Encode DCP with DKDM key

  • Generate, service and distribute DKDM keys for cinemas.

  • Service DCP distribution.

  • Distribute DCP on HDD discs.

    • perform logistics service.

    • contact cinemas.

    • distribute DKDM.

  • Archive and store DCP materials.

  • Deliver and rent professional DCP discs (CRU).

  • Add subtitles to DCP.

    • permanent.

    • from XML file.

    • 3D subtitles.